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Help George Makary get elected: Brimbank 2020


George is standing for Horseshoe Bend Ward in Brimbank City Council.

George Makary migrated from Egypt 11 years ago and has been a proud member of the diverse and multicultural Brimbank community ever since. George is experienced in social work and community service and has a degree in Psychology. With a background in case management and counselling with both government and not-for-profit organisations, George is passionate about social justice and committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. Currently, George works as a legal interpreter to provide a voice for non-English speakers. In addition to his professional experience, George is a passionate advocate for animals.

“By including the needs of animals and the environment in our decision making, I believe we can promote a healthier relationship with our natural environment where both animals of all species, and people, can thrive.”

George is confident that significant positive change can be made at the local council level for the animals of our community, including affordable desexing, microchipping and initiatives to decrease euthanasia rates. George’s desire for animals to be included in political decision making is what prompted him to join the Animal Justice Party, whose core values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. These values will form the basis of his decision making as a councillor.

“I believe that all residents have an equal right to good healthcare, public transport, safety and employment opportunities and I’m committed to

Led by his desire to create a better life for all residents of Brimbank, George envisions a community that celebrates diversity and embraces our connection to each other and our environment. A vote for George Makary is a vote for a better, more vibrant life for all.

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