Graeme Linsell Candidate for Pascoe Vale


Graeme has spent the vast majority of his life within the electorate of Pascoe Vale. His family home always had a companion dog and later a cat filled his life with endless fun and company

Graeme spent 7 years of his teenage years as a volunteer with St John Ambulance attending to sporting and public events and caring for the public that became unwell and needed medical intervention.  These skills of first aid were then used in the aquatic environment where Graeme taught swimming, was a life guard, and became a teacher of life saving and an examiner of life saving.

In his professional career as a land surveyor he admired the great outdoors and the animals that we share the environment with.  His role at Council has led Graeme to consider the vast amount of habitat loss that is occurring by the ever expanding metropolis of Melbourne.  There appears to little, if any regard, to the wildlife that we share the planet with.  This aided Graeme in becoming a volunteer wildlife rescuer for the past 5-6 years.  Graeme has witnessed first hand, the suffering of animals at the hands of human greed and their insatiable appetite to control everything, regardless of the self destruction caused to the planet.

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