Grim Warning on Climate Change

Media Release
Tuesday 17 May 2016

An atmospheric monitoring station in remote north-west Tasmania has recorded carbon dioxide at regionally record levels of 440 part per million. CSIRO Scientist Paul Krummel warned that the 440 ppm CO2 result was concerning “Globally this is going to contribute to rising temperatures which we are already seeing in the atmosphere“[1] Mr Krummel said.  

Bruce Poon, Animal Justice Party senate candidate, said today:
“…unchecked global warming, the runaway train of climate change that is coming our way spells not only a catastrophe for the non-human world - the world of a vast array of species that make up life on earth, it also spells disaster for human kind.”

He went on,
“imagine 50 million climate refugees from Asia on the move. How could we possibly help them? What might a Greens open borders policy look like under these circumstances? These are very real possibilities that we have been warned of in many studies. The 2006 Lowy institute report on climate change is unambiguous:
..if food production is disrupted, water becomes scarce, diseases spread and natural disasters increase…this could stimulate large scale movements of people within and across international borders…”[2]
“These are issues that must be planned for now. A rapid increase in low-emission energy source technology and a reduction in inefficient animal based agriculture are both urgent issues, as is a re-vamp of our coastal defence and aid forces.”

Bruce ended,
“It’s frustrating that we’ve known about these risks for a long time. My 1973 edition of the secondary school text book Web of Life states “It has been suggested by some scientists that because carbon dioxide is one of the constituents of the atmosphere that absorbs radiant heat its accumulation may lead to a rise in world temperatures” (p. 376).  “
“Well, at 440 ppm in northern Tasmania we may take our hats off to those scientists of more than forty years ago and their sage counsel. Too bad we’ve been looking the other way.”

[1] ABC News, Cape Grim carbon dioxide reading exceeds 440 ppm landmark for the first time, 16.5.16
[2] Lowy Institute for International Policy, 2006, p1



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