The AJP supports a universal publicly funded healthcare system. We want to broaden the focus in health policy from just treating disease to also improving health. We believe the biggest gains in health, longevity and economy are to be gained by improving people’s knowledge and access to healthy diet and exercise opportunities.

Our key dietary goal is to shift Australia’s food focus towards healthy plant-based wholefoods. This will greatly reduce the rates of many illnesses.

Related policies:

1. Human diet and animals

2. Education

3. Mental Health

Key Objectives

1. To educate all health care professionals on the benefits of plant based diets.

2. To expand and refocus programs teaching people how to improve their diet and exercise habits.

3. To phase out subsidies to intensive animal industries because they are both cruel and provide a breeding ground for new diseases which pose large public health risks.

4. To end all subsidies to the red and processed meat industries.

Eating large amounts of red and processed meats (which includes pig meat) can have serious health impacts, particularly in relation to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

1. To improve food labelling to clearly indicate any components of animal origin.

2. To end unnecessary public funding of research on drugs that address diseases best managed by simple lifestyle choices.

3. To end the inappropriate use of antibiotics because of the risks of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria.

4. To ensure funding of health services is provided at the state level, with an end to vertical fiscal imbalances that cause a lack of accountability at all levels.


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  • Tony Cook
    commented 2016-06-27 19:46:43 +1000
    I agree wholeheartedly with all your views on animal rights and health. But as well as antibiotics I would question the efficacy and safety of vaccination, especially with respect to the large numbers of toxic vaccines that are now being forced on very young children. This very dangerous practice is made all the more unwise by the lack of proper testing, testing based on studies comparing unvaccinated with vaccinated populations, to support the practice.
    It would seem to be inexplicable lunacy if it wasn’t for the fact that there are billions of dollars being made by those behind the whole thing, the drug companies, and by the political parties accepting their payoffs. GPs, also, make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from these five-minute procedures in the comfort of their consulting rooms, injecting vaccines into the bloodstreams of their tiny helpless patients while their gullible parent or a nurse helps hold their arm or bottom still for the doctor.
    This wealth is the only possible explanation for why such an apparently foolhardy enterprise might be tolerated in our society, belligerently touted as it is by the main-stream media, and unquestioningly accepted by the great majority of lay-people as being in the best interests of the victims, our babies and children.
    Thousands of mothers are able to attest to their children being directly, catastrophically, damaged by vaccines, but their testimonies are routinely dismissed as emotional straw-clutching. This medical policy of denial of parents’ determined testimony is yet one more brick in the wall of this great evil, this modern-day holocaust being visited on whole generations of children. Even the outspoken passionate confession of a U.S. Center For Disease Control analyst, Dr William Thomson, who has admitted being involved in falsifying data for a study which cleared the MMR vaccine of its causal link to autism, has been ignored and went unreported by the media and was decried by the medical profession.
    Who is going to stand up against this evil in our society? Will the AJP? It would certainly be in character for you to do so. Courageous opposition to ignorant evil practice, backing an unpopular cause against the flow of public opinion – that sounds like you.
    But on the other hand, it would make even harder the great work you are doing for animals, for you to be branded as even greater ratbags. The only thing more reviled in talkback-radio-land than a vegan animal-rights activist would be a vegan animal-rights anti-vaccinationist activist. So it’s understandable if for now you don’t want to take this fight on. But can I urge you to read up on the VAIS material, watch the movie, “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe”, read some of the thousands of testimonies posted on Facebook and YouTube by Thinking Moms’ Revolution members and other parents of autistic children, talk to your families and friends and colleagues about it, and if/when the time comes to vote on a vaccination bill in the Senate, be prepared to do the right thing.
    And for God’s sake don’t go along with making vaccination mandatory via the draconian no-jab-no-pay laws. Surely in this enlightened age no one,not even Bill Shorten, still thinks that it’s right to trust something just because your doctor says it is – that’s thinking from the 50’s. Google it and make up your own mind.