How Green are The Australian Greens?

Media Release
Monday 13 June 2016

According to Bruce Poon, lead senate candidate for the Animal Justice Party in Victoria “It should surprise no one that the Animal Justice Party promotes a plant-based diet because it is good for animals not to be subjected to the cruelties inherent in genetically modifying them, breeding them, intensively farming and killing them. We are clearly against animal cruelty.”  
“It should also surprise no one that we are against environmental degradation since it is not possible to protect ALL life on this planet without protecting the health of the planet itself.”
“Although a host of factors is responsible for the environmental problems faced by the planet, at the top of the list is the adoption of a diet rich in meat and dairy.”
Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions which is higher than that contributed by all forms of transport put together. It also involves extensive grazing and extensive water usage, and is responsible for large tracts of deforestation resulting in land degradation and biodiversity loss.
Meat and dairy industries account for 70% of global freshwater consumption and 38% of the total land use. Here in Australia, in Victoria alone, the dairy industry is responsible for the consumption of 54% of the state’s agricultural water and uses 53% of the state’s irrigated land.
As far back as 2003, the World Health Organization reported that the growing demand for animal products is simply not sustainable for a planet whose population is surging towards 9.1 billion people by 2050.
“Shifting consumption away from meat and dairy to a plant-based diet has global urgency.”
“Dietary change is essential to ensure that global warming does not exceed 1.5C. “
“There is no green issue requiring more urgent attention than this. Why then are the Australian Greens ignoring the cow in the room?”
“Is it because this might just be the ultimate inconvenient truth?”
“It is because it will bite at the ballot box?”
“It would seem that the Greens are becoming increasingly less distinguishable from the old parties. Just like the Coalition and Labor, the Greens are showing their penchant to be more concerned with polls and popularity than responsible policy.”
“If you care about the wellbeing of the planet and all of its living inhabitants, there is one clear choice at the 2nd July election – vote 1 for the Animal Justice Party.”



Contacts for comment:
AJP Victorian Senate Candidate Bruce Poon: phone 0400 248 226; Email: [email protected]