How to end Live Export

Media Release
Thursday 16 June 2016

Malcolm Turnbull wants us all to be agile and start innovating. All right, let me get with the program.

But what can I do? Let me just Google what the world’s most promising new technologies are. Wait, why don’t I just see what Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, thinks is the most exciting new technical innovation. At the annual shareholders’ meeting he just gave his short list of the biggest game-changers in the next few years. Is it new Artificial Intelligence, or solar cells, or electric cars? No, they are cool, but actually it is fake meat!

Like this ‘impossible’ cheeseburger, fake meat foods of all kinds are taking over the world. Billions of dollars are being invested, but why? Because foods made from animals are unsustainable, expensive and unhealthy. It is also because increasingly, people can see themselves living happy, healthy lives without causing cruelty to animals.
Just in the last month, Foodservices Australia’s “Australia’s Best Pie” competition was won by a vegan pie, and before that, GQ magazine named the Best Burger of the year in the US as a vegan burger.
In 2015, contained advice about how to protect your share portfolio from the “Death of Meat”. I am totally against suffering, so don’t let your share portfolio suffer from this trend!

Live Export

Politics is the art of the possible. We are encouraged to work with other parties to see compromises made. But we don’t always want to begin compromising too early. Not when it is possible for everyone to benefit from a creative and innovative solution.
It always makes me cringe to hear people calling for an end to Live Export of animals while simultaneously for an expansion of our onshore slaughter industry. Looking clearly at the problem, it seems we just need a bit more education and innovation on both sides of the ocean.
The tiny revenues we receive from Live Exports are dwarfed by the ongoing environmental damage to water, land and bio systems (including the Great Barrier Reef), the pollution of the atmosphere and the genuine desire to end animal suffering in the process.
If we could develop more plant-based agriculture, and we surely can, as well as improved processing, packaging and transport options, the entire trade could be supplanted by a much more lucrative and uncontroversial trade in plant-based food products.
Working with the Australian Labor Party over recent months, we have secured a commitment of $10M over four years, for further research into plant-based farming practices. This is to be particularly directed to the development and expansion of initiatives that can maximise plant-based food production and growing these agricultural markets.


As a society, we don’t continue practices that no longer make sense, economically, environmentally or ethically. We innovate, we adapt, we change, and we progress. For animal agriculture, and Live Export in particular, the writing is on the wall. We need to be smart.
The Animal Justice Party welcomes these initiatives and commitments, and will always be happy to work with the Labor party (or any other party willing to come on board) on practical measures that can lead to reduced animal suffering.
As architect William McDonough said, “The Stone Age did not end because humans ran out of stones”. And as my good friend Phil Wollen has added on Live Export “This cruel industry will end when we run out of excuses”.



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