Jacki Jacka Candidate for Geelong


Jacki emigrated to Australia from England with her family when she was 9 years old and has lived in the Geelong area ever since.

Jacki has always had a strong sense of empathy and compassion for all life which has led her down the path of working as a nurse to help the local Geelong residents and an animal advocate to help local animals. Standing as a candidate gives her an opportunity to help both human and animal Geelong residents even more by being their political voice.

Jacki would like to see an end to puppy farms and backyard breeders, greyhound racing, jumps racing and duck shooting. She also believes much harsher penalties are needed for people convicted of animal neglect and abuse. Jacki would also like to see the toxic bait Sodium Monofluroacetate (1080) banned to prevent the painful and unnecessary death of wildlife and domestic animals.


You can contact Jacki by emailing her at jacki.jacka.ajp@gmail.com

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