James Persson Candidate for Frankston


James is a passionate Frankston resident of thirteen years, and from just six years old has seen firsthand just how far the local community has come and continues to grow.

James runs his own local business to business service in Frankston where he meets regularly with many members of the community and business owners. Previously he was a butcher for eight years until he decided to make a moral decision to leave the trade. He is now a proud vegan of two years and a passionate participant in the animal rights movement.

Having seen firsthand the current state of the animal agriculture industry and its impact on animals and communities, he is now working towards creating healthy discussions and better outcomes for all involved. 

If elected he plans to work towards legislative change that will make a positive difference for everyone in the community and continuing to extend that same compassion to include our animal companions as well. He will also be campaigning for the introduction of health warning labels on processed meats, a recognised carcinogen and contributor to bowel cancer.

You can contact James by emailing him at james.persson.ajp@gmail.com




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