Jacqui Edgecombe


Jacqui Edgecombe is the second senate candidate for Victoria

Jacqui Edgecombe has lived for over half a century, but it's only been four years since she became aware that it's an animals right to live out his or her life in peace, free from harm caused by humans.   This realisation came out of the blue from one moment to the next, like a bolt of lightning!

As soon as it happened Jacqui became vegan and joined the Animal Justice Party.  From 2012 her involvement with the Party has grown and she is now the Membership Manager for Victoria and has also volunteered her time at many market stalls in the last couple of years.

Jacqui believes that if this change can happen to her, it can happen to everyone.  She believes that there will be a tipping point and when that comes, change will happen very quickly, and animals will be protected.  She's running as a candidate to help facilitate this change. 

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