Jennifer Long candidate for Prahran


Jennifer is a born and bred country girl from Bendigo in Central Victoria. She is from a poultry farming and abattoir background and has some firsthand insight into how animals are used and mis(treated) in the food industry. The forever swelling mass scale of farming practices has been an increasing concern for Jennifer and its impact on both animal welfare and global climate.

Jennifer gave up meat almost a decade ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has become increasingly active in raising awareness for commonplace, socially accepted cruel animal practices including live export, duck hunting. animal testing, puppy and kitten farming, egg farming, animals used in gambling (horses and greyhounds in particular) and animal used for entertainment such as horse carriages in the city. Balance needs to be restored which is why Jennifer wants animals at the centre of the political agenda. Our planet depends on it, along with our moral code.

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