Jennifer McAdam second Upper House Candidate Eastern Victoria


Jennifer believes we all care about animals and looking away from their suffering cannot help them. She is a proud vegan mother of three including one year old twins. She lives with her family and rescued rabbits and ducks in the beautiful hills of Eastern Victoria. Occasional foster care parent and long term Human Rights advocate Jennifer cares greatly about the plight of both human and non-human animals. She aspires to end unnecessary violence against both. As a teacher she is inspired daily by the compassion for animals so many of her students have. With current technology the availability of readily accessible, undeniable evidence shows the horrors that are intentionally hidden from the public regarding our own country's often horrendous treatment of animals. Our humanity means we must act. Jennifer knows that she is going to be a part of a much kinder future and proud to stand on the right side of history. She hopes you will stand with her.

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