John Matlen


John Matlen is the candidate for Scullin

John Matlen has been a resident of Scullin for the past 37 years.

John has a long history of being in a caring role and has spent his career in the nursing and medical fields in both clinical (‘hands on’) and administrative roles. He has worked in many hospitals in Victoria and throughout his 36 year career has seen the full range of human experience, emotion and physical discomfort and the reward of positive outcomes.

Caring for companion animals is one thing, but like so many people throughout history the awareness of the welfare of farm animals and animals used in sport was very limited. Only recently has the plight of so many animals both in Australia and overseas been brought to public attention.  John believes The Animal Justice Party is part of a global movement that at its core believes we cannot continue to kill and torture animals on such a massive scale and look at ourselves as a compassionate and caring people.

John joined the Animal Justice Party in 2013 having made the decision that only through legislative changes in government can there be any move toward adequate animal welfare.

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