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Giving animals a political voice

With members across Australia and an elected MP in the NSW parliament, the Animal Justice Party is part of a rapidly growing international movement. Our vision is a planet on which animals are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness, where they are able to flourish in their respective environments, and where their unique needs and capabilities are recognised and their interests protected. To achieve this we believe there is a need for animal representation at all levels of politics and we have already shaped the creation of more animal friendly policies at both a state and federal level.

Become a member today to support us in this mission. Your membership will help us remain registered with the Electoral Commission to run in Elections, as well as financially.  We do not receive any State government funding and are entirely reliant on fundraising, merchandise sales and donations. We are 100% volunteer run in Victoria.

Membership costs just $33 full price/$22 concession (incl GST). We’ve given you a selection of payment and payment + donation options, or you may choose your own donation amount. 

Membership includes:

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  • Membership of The Animal Justice Party (national body)

All contributions of up to $1,500 are tax deductible.

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