June News


Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, 25 June at 6:30pm, Ross House at 247 Flinders Lane in the CBD.

We will bring everyone up to date with what is happening in our campaigns, preparations for the next election, the upcoming National Conference and the status of the various regional groups. Hope to see you there.

National Conference - Last chance to get tickets

Come and HAVE YOUR SAY about the type of Campaigns the AJP should focus on, policies of the AJP and the future direction of the party. 

To purchase your tickets, go to animaljusticeparty.orgor ajpvic.org.au

Please contact Fiona or Justine: [email protected] for more information.

Policy Review - Under way

Many people are now involved in reviewing and streamlining AJP policies leading in to the next election. As draft policies are updated, we will try to keep you informed of the suggested changes, so you can get involved in reviewing and improving them.

If you want to get involved, email the policy review coordinator, Geoff Russell ([email protected]).

Nationwide Greyhound walks

Our Greyhound campaign manager Eleonora Gullone recently organised a series of walks around Australia to highlight the issues surrounding Greyhound racing and allow people to see Greyhounds as good pets to adopt. This resulted in coverage across the media, including TV, radio and newspapers.

Grey Headed Flying Foxes

Encourage friends, relatives and colleagues to send a postcard to the Minister for Agriculture to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to make wildlife safe netting mandatory for those wishing to net their backyard fruit trees. Email[email protected] for postcards.

Jumps Racing

Please join us at the Bendigo Racecourse on Sunday 28 June, 11am and make a noise about jumps racing – a cruel and outdated event. Or, sign the petition at:https://www.change.org/p/the-general-public-ban-jumps-racing

Get more signatures by printing the petition. Scan the signed copies to [email protected]  or mail them to R Lavin 2/37 Hutton Ave, Ferntree Gully, 3156

Victorian Committee Election

This election is underway now. The Convenor (Bruce Poon) and Treasurer (Rosemary Lavin) have been appointed unopposed (all pending National Committee endorsement). 

There are 3 nominations for party secretary and 10 in all for ordinary committee members. 

It is fantastic to see that many people want to get involved in the party in this way. Whoever wins the election, they will be welcomed onto the committee, and will find a role in the workings of the party. For all those that don't win the election, there are still plenty of positions available within the party that they can help with (as some are already doing). 

I know that many people are waiting to hear the candidates speak at the National Convention before casting their vote on the 4th of July. That way they get a little bit of extra information to determine who will do the best job. Others have already made up their mind and voted. Whatever you decide to do, get a vote in and have your say. 

If you believe you haven't received the voting email, or need additional information, please contact the returning officer, Justine Curatolo on [email protected] or 0411 494 987.

Volunteer positions available

Within the Working Group (the core group of about 20 people running the party in Victoria), we recently identified the need to add a couple of new positions. Can you spare some time to help us with either:

  • Marketing Manager. There is a lot of work has to happen all the time to get the message out about AJP. We need to coordinate the development of new flyers, posters, branding campaigns, social media advertising, etc, etc. It would be great to have someone centrally able to lead all this work, and coordinate amongst the many interested people within the party and public to get it done. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator. We are always getting new people involved in the party (which is great!) but requires significant effort to interview, assess and coordinate their work as they get familiar with the party. We need a 'people person' who is familiar with how the party works, and can help new people to get involved. 

If you can, let us know on [email protected], and we will contact you to discuss it.

Senate pre-selection panel

There will be a vote of members shortly to determine the 3 person pre-selection panel for the Senate for the next election. Yes, another internal election. Just to confirm that having been elected, this panel will then call for nominations to represent the party in the next Senate election, and will interview and otherwise assess the candidates. This is also going to be run by Justine Curatolo, and nominations will open soon (and, yes, you will get another voting email to complete).

End of Financial Year donations

We are thrilled to find that a number of anonymous donors have given us donations of many thousands of dollars which will swell our coffers leading in to the next election. Thank you very much! 

A reminder that any donations up to $1,500 each financial year are tax deductible. 

Upcoming stalls

We are always looking for new volunteers to help with AJP stalls at community markets and events.

If you can help, please contact our stalls coordinator, Chris DeJonge on [email protected]


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