Kangaroo Killing Kills Tourism

An application is currently working through the Loddon Shire Council planning process to open a facility to 'process' predominately kangaroo in Inglewood, Victoria.

Initial reports showed the Campaspe Meat Company planned to process between 1000-2000 kangaroo carcasses per week, but the director has recently stated a desire to process 5000 per week. That is an additional 52,000 - 260,000 kangaroos being killed per week under the shameful Kangaroo Harvesting Program.

This appalling figure is not inclusive of the kangaroos that escape wounded, pouch joeys that are bludgeoned and dependent at-foot joeys that are shot or escape to die slowly from starvation, dehydration and predation without their mothers.

Contrary to industry spin, this is not about reducing waste of culled kangaroos. The number of kangaroos being killed was already way too high and when they introduced the commercial system the ‘need’ to cull went up 260% over the long-term average.

The review of the Kangaroo Pet Food Trial (which became the commercial Kangaroo Harvesting Program) showed it may have increased waste, as well as being lawless, corrupt, a threat to sustainability, and low-value to the tax payer.

The Loddon Shire tourism board is not the decision maker on this issue, but advice from them to Council stating that the public backlash will negatively effect Inglewood’s tourism would be greatly influential.

Note: Personalised emails are always more effective but please remain polite and respectful in your advocacy.

Thank you for supporting our persecuted kangaroos! #NoInglewoodKangarooProcessing