Karina Leung Second Upper House Candidate Western Metro


Karina grew up in Bendigo and lives in the north western suburbs of Melbourne. She currently works in an organisation that focuses on helping and protecting the legal rights of socially and economically disadvantaged people in Victoria. Karina lives with a crew of rescued animals, Piper turkey, two chickens and four cats.

Karina became vegan and an animal rights activist seven years ago after seeing the expose ‘A Bloody Business’ on Four Corners about the cruelty suffered by animals exported from Australia to Indonesian slaughterhouses. Karina is an organiser of Melbourne Pig Save, which was established in May 2012. The group holds rallies in the city of Melbourne to raise awareness in the public eye about the legalised and inherent suffering of pigs when raised to be eaten, and holds monthly vigils at Diamond Valley Pork slaughterhouse in Laverton.

Karina wishes to see a society where all beings are treated with compassion, respect and equality, and believes by being a candidate for the Animal Justice Party allows another avenue to make positive changes for animals. Karina wants to see the end to live animal exports, and the protection of wildlife such as kangaroos who are sadly regarded as ‘pests’ and also wishes to raise awareness of the impacts of using animals for food and the resultant suffering they endure.

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