Katherine Divita Candidate for Kororoit


Born in Glen Waverley Melbourne, Katherine has been described as a tenacious and compassionate animal lover, from early childhood visiting her brother’s sheep farm in Kerrang northern Victoria, to their beach house in Sorento whereby she experienced all the natural coastal beauty and marine life had to offer. Her mother was an accomplished Artist Connie Walker (0AM) 2014, who engaged katherine in as many activities in her early years including ballet, piano lessons, drama and athletics, which took her into a career in modelling promotional and television to retail management.

By the mid 1990’s a visit oversees opened her eyes to people’s complete disregard and lack of respect for animal welfare and the environment which placed her in a position in animal rescue and animal welfare groups that led her into a career change and moving to the western part of Melbourne to study veterinary nursing, working in both private, public hospitals and clinics, caring for sick and stray animals, it was a great opportunity for her to  educate owners on the health of their companion animals and bring about awareness towards all animals including wild life.

A front row seat to the worst places you could ever imagine to the plight of the Dog meat Trade in Asia to the massive factory farms in Australia and beyond, Katherine had this profound calling to stand up for all the animals and join the only political party that supports animal rights. Katherine is passionate to bring about change to the cruel practices of factory farming in regards to phasing out farrowing crates and the gassing of pigs in slaughter houses, while educating the community to engage a healthier lifestyle. Katherine’s particular interest is banning duck shooting in Victoria, campaigning against the exploitation of animals in racing and entertainment to the culling and the slaughter of our Australian native animals which includes the total ban of 1080.

Katherine shares the the AJP’S true core values where by animals are treated with kindness, equality, rationality and non-violent and a vision of a world where non-human animals are treated with respect.

 Katherine is truly excited and honored to be running as an Animal Justice Party candidate for the upcoming 2018 state election.

 You can contact Katherine by emailing her at katherine.divita.ajp@gmail.com

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