Koalas must not be judged on the basis of their impact on development or tourism.

Their habitat must be protected, particularly given their current vulnerable status in Queensland, NSW and ACT. They deserve safety from harm by humans.

Key Objectives

1. To better estimate koala populations and their locations and review the status of the species as appropriate. The range of current population estimates seem too wide.

2. To determine koala road kill hotspots and incorporate overpasses/underpasses and exclusion fences and to encourage koala corridors in fragmented habitat.

3. To prohibit new developments, including housing, forestry and mining on land inhabited by koalas.

4. To place an immediate ban on logging in native forests with koala populations and to ensure that koalas are relocated before logging operations in plantation forests.

5. To abolish large public events such as car rallies and festivals in occupied koala habitat.

6. To educate the public about the ecosystem services koalas render.

7. To encourage increased growth in and support for koala friendly eco-tourism.

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  • Julie McLeod
    commented 2018-11-24 12:37:18 +1100
    When I am out and about walking, I see lone koalas in very sparsely treed areas. I don’t know how they can survive here in isolated pockets of native and introduced vegetation. Indeed locals have informed me that the koalas here are now eating leaves other than the eucalypts they normally feed on. This area needs a policy to replant areas of fodder trees for our koalas, but who listens ?