Leah Folloni


Leah Folloni is the candidate for La Trobe

Leah is proud to be running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party for the second time and firmly believes in the Animal Justice Party’s core beliefs of kindness, non-violence, equality and rationality.  She has been an animal rescuer and wildlife carer since her early teens and has always had a strong affiliation with animals and supports many animal rescue and advocacy groups.

She has been vegetarian or vegan since the age of 12 and likes to educate people on living cruelty free lifestyles to show how empowering it can be both personally and as a way to live more at peace with non-human animals and the environment around us.

Leah has travelled extensively and has a keen interest in the environment, Leah lives in the Dandenong ranges where she runs her business and has 2 young children along with many non-human family members.  She would like to see her children grow up in a world of non-violence, kindness and compassion.

You can contact Leah by emailing her on leah.folloni@ajpvic.org.au