Plan a better future for all animals

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Animals rarely get the full consideration they require when planners get together to devise the new laws, new developments and new guidelines. By making a submission in the consultative stages of planning you can make sure they do! Please ensure all submissions are your own. 

Regulating the protection of Wildlife: Statement of Regulatory Intent

The Conservation Regulator would like community input on the clarity of this Statement of Regulatory Intent, and the regulatory approaches the Conservation Regulator should be prioritising in their approach to regulating wildlife. Review the draft 'Regulating the protection of Wildlife SRI'  and provide feedback to the Conservation Regulator by completing the survey or by uploading a submission via the submission form.

Consultation closes: 31 August 2021

Complete the survey:

Building a climate-resilient Victoria

The Victorian Government is preparing Adaptation Action Plans to build our climate resilience in areas either vulnerable to climate change impacts or essential to ensure Victoria is prepared. They want your input. This is your opportunity to comment on one or more individual plans or the whole package. Your feedback will be considered in the finalisation of the Adaptation Action Plans late in 2021.

Consultation closes: 6 August 2021, 11:59pm

Complete the Adaptation Action Plan general feedback survey:


Description: Overarching program graphic that shows the seven systems, what they include and how they interact. A circle shape includes a road leading from a city, past a house, an education facility, a farm, a forest and to the ocean.