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Animals rarely get the full consideration they require when planners get together to devise the new laws, new developments and new guidelines. By making a submission in the consultative stages of planning you can make sure they do! Please ensure all submissions are your own. 

Animal Welfare Reform - Urgent

The current law that aims to protect animals from cruelty is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA), first written in 1986. However, POCTA fails to adequately protect animals which became clear during the recent Inquiry into Animal Activism. The purpose of this government consultation is to reform the animal welfare law in Victoria, by replacing the current POCTA with a revised and improved legislative framework. 

Closing Date: Midnight 14 December 2020

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Development of a Phillip Island (Millowl) Wildlife Plan

The successful eradication of foxes on Phillip Island in conjunction with increased habitat, through revegetation, and improved pastures has contributed to the strong recovery of high profile species such as Little Penguins and more common wildlife species such as Cape Barren Gees, Swamp Wallabies and Common Brushtail Possums.

However, these common species pose challenges to conservation areas and biodiversity, buildings and assets and on the agricultural practices of the community on Phillip Island. These issues have been widely publicised and acknowledged.

In addressing these challenges, a unique approach has been taken in developing the draft Phillip Island (Millowl) Wildlife Plan. Unlike other wildlife plans, this draft takes a place-based approach to wildlife management and looks at multiple species to achieve a balance between the needs of the community and the Island's wildlife.

Specifically the Draft Phillip Island (Millowl) Wildlife Plan aims to:
- Improve animal welfare
- Reduce negative impacts of wildlife on environmental, public health, safety, social and economic assets and values
- Involve the community in the conservation and management of wildlife
- Identify partnerships to deliver effective wildlife management
- Support a viable agricultural and tourism industry

Closing Date: 17 January 2021

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Recreational uses of Werribee River

The 2018 - 19 Victorian State budget included $3.215 million for new projects to improve visitor enjoyment of waterways through improved access and visitor facilities - the Boosting Recreational Water Use Initiative. The initiative aims to investigate options for improved recreational access and facilities at nine sites across Victoria, including the lower Werribee River.

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Review of the EPA's recycled water guidance - Closing Soon!

A joint government and industry working group has reviewed, updated and consolidated the most widely used of Victoria’s existing recycled water guidelines into a single, new proposed Victorian Guideline for Water Recycling.

A second document - Technical Information for the Victorian Guideline for Water Recycling - has also been developed to help recycled water scheme managers and users implement aspects of the proposed guideline.

Your views are being sought on the proposed new recycled water guideline and technical information document. You can complete the survey questions on the website OR you can use the submission template and email or upload your submission (see website).

Submissions: 14 October - 26 November 2020

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