Plan a better future for all animals

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Animals rarely get the full consideration they require when planners get together to devise the new laws, new developments and new guidelines. By making a submission in the consultative stages of planning you can make sure they do! Please ensure all submissions are your own. 

Community Consultations - Council Domestic Animal Management Plans

The Domestic Animal Management Plan aims to promote responsible pet ownership, the welfare of cats and dogs in the community and the protection of the community and environment from free-living populations of cats and dogs. The Plan also outlines how Council will enforce legislative requirements and compliance with our local laws. Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, every Victorian local government must prepare a plan outlining how it will manage dogs and cats within its municipal boundaries.

Make sure that you have your say! Click here to see the open consultations

Melbourne's Future Planning Framework

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 is the high-level plan developed by the Victorian Government recognises that more detailed planning is needed for Metropolitan Melbourne to manage growth across the city. 

Melbourne’s Future Planning Framework comprises of six Land Use Framework Plans to guide strategic land-use and infrastructure development for the next 30 years. The plans will provide a means of aligning state and local planning strategies and working collaboratively across government to implement Plan Melbourne.

Your feedback is now being sought on the six draft Land Use Framework Plans that collectively form Melbourne's Future Planning Framework. Hearing from you will help shape the 30-year vision and priorities for your area.

Community engagement closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 24th October. Make sure that you have your say!

Drysdale Landfill Post Closure Landscape Plan

The Drysdale Landfill, located at 502-510 Founds Road Drysdale, commenced operation in 1983. The landfill is the primary waste disposal facility in the municipality, supporting the City of Greater Geelong’s operations as well as residential and commercial customers.

As the Drysdale Landfill approaches the end of its operational life, the future use of the 64ha site needs to be considered. 

Community engagement closes at 4pm on Wednesday 13 October. Make sure that you have your say!

Inquiry into Renewable Energy in Victoria

That this House requires the Environment and Planning Committee to inquire into, consider and report, by July 2021, on —
(a) measures to enable Victoria to transition its energy supply to 100 per cent renewable energy;
(b) jobs and economic benefits and implications of Victoria transitioning to 100 per cent renewable energy;
(c) investment, both public and private, required to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy generation in Victoria, including investment in grid infrastructure and energy storage;
(d) further opportunities for Victoria to reduce emissions, including through finding alternatives to industrial and household gas consumption;
(e) government investment or action that would be needed to support workers in impacted industries to facilitate a just transition and ensure workers and communities are not left behind as Victoria transitions to 100 per cent renewable energy;
(f) the economic risks of not urgently reducing emissions by transitioning to 100 per cent renewable energy; and
(g) any other related matters.

The Environment and Planning Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the Terms of Reference

The due date for submissions is Friday, 26 November 2021. Make sure that you have your say!