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Animals rarely get the full consideration they require when planners get together to devise the new laws, new developments and new guidelines. By making a submission in the consultative stages of planning you can make sure they do! Please ensure all submissions are your own. 


Recreational uses of Werribee River

The 2018 - 19 Victorian State budget included $3.215 million for new projects to improve visitor enjoyment of waterways through improved access and visitor facilities - the Boosting Recreational Water Use Initiative. The initiative aims to investigate options for improved recreational access and facilities at nine sites across Victoria, including the lower Werribee River.

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Crib Point Inquiry and Advisory Committee

AGL has ignored community and environmental concerns about this project. AGL’s Environment Effects Statement (EES) on the proposed project can be found at the website given below.

This could be the first floating gas factory in the world to be dumped in the middle of an environmentally sensitive wetland — don’t let that happen!

There are 2 components of the Project:

Gas Import - Jetty Works comprising a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) at Crib Point Jetty, jetty infrastructure including marine loading arms and gas piping on the jetty and the Crib Point Receving Facility on land adjacent to the jetty.

Pipeline Works consisting of an underground gas transmission pipeline approximately 57 kilometres long to transport gas from the Crib Point Receiving Facility to the Victorian Transmission System east of Pakenham and associated infrastructure such as the Pakenham Delivery Facility to monitor and regulate the gas, two above-ground mainline valves to enable isolation of the pipeline in an emergency and a facility to enable in-line inspections of the pipeline.

Submissions: 2 July - 26 August

Directions Hearing: 17 September 2020

Public Hearing: 20 October for 6 - 8 weeks

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Shrine to Sea Project

In 2018, the Victorian Government announced $13 million for the ‘Shrine to Sea’ project to create a boulevard connecting Domain Gardens to Port Phillip Bay along Albert and Kerferd roads. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) became the lead agency for the Shrine to Sea project in 2019. We are working closely with the City of Port Phillip, Parks Victoria and the Department of Transport.

To guide the masterplan design process we are seeking your initial input about what you currently enjoy about the Shrine to Sea area as well as suggestions on what you would like to see along a new boulevard. This is the first online consultation for the Shrine to Sea project and there will be further opportunities to share your views as the project progresses. We will ensure to close the loop with you, by summarising what you have told us, and explain how your contribution has been considered.

Submissions: 12 October - 8 November 2020

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Review of the EPA's recycled water guidance

A joint government and industry working group has reviewed, updated and consolidated the most widely used of Victoria’s existing recycled water guidelines into a single, new proposed Victorian Guideline for Water Recycling.

A second document - Technical Information for the Victorian Guideline for Water Recycling - has also been developed to help recycled water scheme managers and users implement aspects of the proposed guideline.

Your views are being sought on the proposed new recycled water guideline and technical information document. You can complete the survey questions on the website OR you can use the submission template and email or upload your submission (see website).

Submissions: 14 October - 26 November 2020

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