Marilyn Nuske candidate for Bendigo West


Marilyn grew up in the Eltham area of Victoria, and has been an animal lover all her life.

Marilyn is a Lawyer and sole practitioner of her own Law Practice in Melbourne and Castlemaine. She has been working with the Animal Justice Party since 2013, and recently presented at the Animal Justice Party National Anti 1080 Summit in Melbourne, presenting on the legal framework for the use of 1080 in Australia.

Marilyn developed values of kindness and non-violence toward animals from a young age, she recalls saving a fledgling minor that had fallen out of its nest when she was in primary school, and from that time knew that she held strong convictions about seeing no animal harmed and showing kindness toward all animals.

More recently she was legal advisor to Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc for 9 years.

She is the founder of Fraser Island Dingo Conservation Inc, a not for profit association established to conserve and protect the Fraser Island Dingo, now facing extinction as an endangered species caused by the impact of tourism.  

She is a member of a number of organisations which seek to protect Australia’s native apex land predator the Dingo and a committee member and legal advisor to several dingo and wildlife sanctuaries. She is involved in Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting and is keen to see the end to the cruel pastime of duck shooting across Victoria.

Marilyn is keenly aware that animals lack a voice in the community and believes that those who are conscious of this are morally obligated to help the voiceless wherever possible. She is opposed to any form of animal cruelty or exploitation. 

She feels passionately about helping to use her experience and qualifications as a Lawyer to support changes that would see Animals elevated to the status of sentient beings and given greater protection with the establishment of an Office of Animal Welfare in Victoria.

She wants to see changes to Laws that Ban the use of toxin 1080 in Australia.  She wants to see all animals relieved from the cruel and horrendous death that 1080 or any poison imposes on any sentient creature and to see the vilification of Australia’s native apex land predator cease so that a natural balance in the biodiversity can return to our countryside.

Living in regional Victoria she is very aware of unemployment and financial  issues in the community She would like to see a growing focus on nature tourism for the regions water catchment areas, in preference to cruel duck shooting, which can only be of benefit to the whole community with an increase in employment opportunities for rural towns.

Above all, she strongly supports a move to see the cruel pastime of duck shooting in Victoria banned forever, bringing Victoria into step with most other States.  

She feels proud to have been selected to stand as a Candidate for the Animal Justice Party for the lower house in Bendigo West. She lives in the Castlemaine area and shares her life with her dog Zac, and two sheep Portia and Pablo.


You can contact Marilyn by emailing her at




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