Meg Watkins for Corangamite

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Animal Justice Party Victoria is proud to announce Meg Watkins as our Candidate for the seat of Corangamite in the upcoming Federal Election.

Meg is a passionate animal and environmental advocate living on the beautiful Surf Coast in Wadawurrung Country. As a lifelong resident of this region, Meg has seen first hand the various issues facing humans and animals in her electorate.

A world traveller and global thinker, Meg’s various studies and life experiences have given her skills across a broad range of areas; but it is her passion and dedication that sets her apart. As a deeply justice-oriented, compassionate activist, Meg has spent years involved in animal rescue and volunteering for disadvantaged communities. However her experiences made it abundantly clear that the key to achieving real, meaningful change is through politics.

Meg is particularly eager to inspire and empower other young people to lead the way in driving action to create lasting change. Everyone’s voice matters, and Meg believes that we owe it to those without a voice to speak on their behalf; animals and vulnerable human populations have suffered in silence too long.

She will be campaigning for a ban on live animal export and animal testing, real and immediate climate action, and protection and conservation of our rich biodiversity and natural environments. Meg also has a keen interest to ensure a genuine and immediate treaty for First Nations peoples, protect and expand the NDIS, and reform the broken mental health care system. Meg is ready to be the rational voice her electorate needs and build a kind, equitable society for future generations.

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Contesting elections is a costly exercise - it's a $2000 fee per candidate to get on the ballot paper and then there are advertising and printing costs! We estimate it will cost us a minimum of $5k to cover candidate fees, advertising and printing for Meg's campaign. We'd love to double or triple that to give her the best chance of being elected to represent AJP in the House of Representatives. 

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