Melbourne City Council by-election for the office of Lord Mayor



With Lord Mayor Robert Doyle stepping down from his position, Melbourne City Council has called a by-election for the office of Lord Mayor.

The Animal Justice Party is excited to be standing in Melbourne City Council by-election. Every election provides the party with an opportunity to win a seat and make significant changes for animals.


The Animal Justice Party is determined to make Melbourne a city that cares about its animals as well as its people:

  • Enforce the ban of horse-drawn carriages and remove horses and carriages from the city streets altogether. City traffic is no place for animals, nor their manure.
  • Dogs, foxes and cats should not have to suffer short painful lives for our fashion. We will lead on this issue by stopping the sale of fur in our city.
  • The finning of sharks for food is a cruel and wasteful practice, and we will again lead by banning these products.
  • For the city’s human residents, the rates are too high, and can be reduced if we return to calculations based on site values, not capital improved values. This would also encourage the development of the unused and derelict sites within the city.
  • We would support progressively covering the train yards east of Russell Street. This would create a lot more parklands, open space and gardens for people and animals.



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