Emma Hurst & Mark Pearson MP's Bushfire Statement

Message from our NSW MPs Emma Hurst and Mark Pearson on the bushfire crisis

Our country is on fire, millions of animals are burning to death, and people are dying. Finding the words for this email is hard. Admittedly at times we have both felt helpless in this crisis.

But we are determined that during this time of profound despair we give birth to definitive action. Friends, it is time to rise and fight for what is left. Join us:

  • We have our own fundraiser with 100% of donations being split amongst smaller rescue and sanctuary groups – we will focus on those most in need and who don’t have the capacity to fundraise themselves. Financial contributions, at this point, is are the most urgent action we can all take. Donate here.
  • Join our fundraising group the Animal Justice Party Sanctuary Saviours by becoming part of the team that will walk or run on Feb 1.
  • We are calling on a moratorium on all human related activity that is causing further threats to animals including the killing of wildlife, land clearing, the use of poisons like 1080, and logging. Sign our petition.
  • We will be organising some working bees once the fires clear- register your interest here.

We have also individually being doing what we can. Emma has been working with the cross bench to recall Parliament so we can work on a moratorium and put into place some assistance and recovery packages for those affected by the fires (at present we don’t sit again until end of Feb). She has been organising the fundraiser and is writing legislation to better protect animals from fires in the future – more details on this to come. Mark has been on the ground using his nursing skills to help rehabilitate kangaroos injured in the fires and has been working with the Environment Minister to lift restrictions for air flight so we can aerial drop food and water to surviving wildlife in fire affected zones. This will happen tomorrow.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to acknowledge that this crisis is the result of climate change and will only get worse until the Government recognises that animal agriculture is one of the greatest causes of climate change.

Worldwatch Institute estimated 51% of annual global CO2e emissions come from livestock and according to research at John Hopkins University, “If global trends in meat and dairy intake continue, global mean temperature rise will more than likely exceed 2 degrees Celsius, even with dramatic emissions reductions across non-agricultural sectors.”

Therefore the single biggest climate action the Government can take is to invest in plant-based meat alternatives and to assist farmers to transition away from unsustainable industries that are using gargantuan amounts of water, creating vast land clearing, and generating mass emissions. There is an opportunity in this time of crisis to stop and assess the impact we are having on the earth and to embrace new industries. The Animal Justice Party will always advocate for this – our future, and the future of all animal species, depends on it.

We will also introduce legislation this year to address this desperate need for earth protection and promise to keep you up to date.

Thank you for everything you do for animals. Please stay strong and safe during this time. The animals need all of us. We are forever grateful to have you on our team.

Emma and Mark xx