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Help Naomi Adams get elected: Geelong 2020


Naomi is standing for Bellarine Ward in Geelong Council.

Naomi has lived in Ocean Grove for 13 years with her rescue dogs and loves the community atmosphere and beautiful environment.

Currently working as a psychologist, Naomi has an extensive 20 year background in social welfare and community services, nine of which have been spent serving the Bellarine Peninsula community.

“Protecting wildlife is important to me. I would love to see the Lake Connewarre Wetland become a safer, family-friendly eco-tourist location all year round.”

Naomi is also concerned about the regular use of poisonous baits that are laid in areas where there is huge risk of exposure to many animals, not just target species. Notwithstanding the cruel and painful manner of death the target species experiences, native and domestic animals fall prey to it as well.

She will actively contribute to improving the Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP). The time is now to address backyard breeding and to provide assistance to disadvantaged community members to get access to affordable de-sexing, registration and microchipping for companion animals.

“When animals get lost, they should not have to wait to be reunified with their families. We can develop a kinder pound or shelter program that will benefit the animal, help them get home and still ensure their safety.”

Naomi is deeply concerned about preserving local businesses on the Bellarine and believes Council must provide assistance for recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also wants to protect green spaces and wildlife corridors and get behind environmental projects that support our oceans and beaches. Naomi shares the core values of the Animal Justice Party, kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. A vote for Naomi promises advocacy for the well-being of all residents of the Bellarine community – animals and humans alike.

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