Native Birds

The AJP wants to increase biodiversity and to promote practices that enable a flourishing native bird population, coexisting with humans throughout Australia.

The AJP recognises the importance that biodiversity plays for birdlife (and all other life) on our planet. Australian ecosystems are vital for the survival of internationally significant migratory species. Many areas of wetland and coast provide key habitats for these migratory species, so loss of biodiversity in Australia has ramifications that extend beyond our borders.

The AJP supports maximal preservation of native bird habitat, including in residential areas.

The AJP doesn’t see native birds as a resource. This implies an end to recreational duck and quail shooting.

Related policies

1. Wildlife and Sustainability

Key Objectives

1. To immediately ban duck and quail shooting.

2. To reduce human appropriation of native bird habitat.

3. To expand education about the value of native birds and their interactions within ecosystems.

4. To increase support for long term monitoring of the health of native bird populations.