March News 1

Victorian Registration renewal, volunteering for the NSW election and lots more.


A special note about Victorian Registration renewal

As part of the Victorian Election review, all political parties who did not receive at least 4% of the vote have to go through a review to ensure that the memberships that have helped us become a registered party, are indeed, valid.

This is a very important review, as the outcome will mean either the Party retaining registration status or losing it (i.e. becoming deregistered) until we can prove otherwise.

The VEC will be sending out letters to random members, so if you happen to receive this letter, please sign it as quickly as possible and return it to the VEC.  The process is similar to what it was prior to our initial registration process. If they do not received replies from the random selection, they will be sending out a letter to each member again, and the same rule will apply. Please reply to the VEC as soon as possible.

We will be deeply grateful if you are able to do this, as without your support, we will not be able to retain registration.

Upcoming NSW Election 

There are a number of ways in which AJP Victoria can assist the NSW division achieve our best results in the upcoming (Mar 28) state election. If you want to help, this section tells you how to get involved. 

Manning booths in Sydney

Some people will be flying to Sydney, and others will be driving. At this stage, there is insufficient demand for a bus; so all travel will be arranged privately.

A number of us will be flying up on Friday the 27th, and then meeting at dinner for our briefing on the next day.

If you plan to go to Sydney to assist on the day, please register your intention with Mark Pearson on [email protected] 

Let him know: 

  • Your name
  • Arrival Date/Time (approximate)
  • Mode of Travel (flying / driving)
  • Departure Date/Time (approximate)
  • Whether you need accommodation and for which nights

Mark or his delegates will coordinate and cater for your accommodation (billeting) in Sydney (this might be pretty basic! If you can't sleep on the floor or in a sleeping bag, might be best to organise your own place). 

Please arrive before 8pm on the Friday, to give us all time to get briefed on the plan for Saturday. Please report in to the contact / location that Mark advises you of. 

The briefing on Friday night will explain: 

  • The key themes of the election
  • Our allocated locations
  • Provide us with booth packs or other materials, including FAQs for the day
  • Anything else relevant 

On the day: 

  • We will travel to our booths and setup
  • Hand out HTVs and engage with voters
  • Return to a house for the post-election event (to watch how it all unfolds on TV)

Accommodation will also be provided for Saturday night, if you require it (please specify). Some people may fly back to Melbourne on Saturday, else you can stay overnight and find your own way home on the Sunday.

Manning booths in Albury

For some of us, it may be easier to drive. Accommodation won't be required, but HTVs will be needed. Please also register your intention to man a border station with Mark (same email as above). 

Please collect and take an appropriate amount of signage from our stores here in Victoria. This can be arranged with our Party Secretary, Magda Wozny, 0403 924 035.

The NSW coordinator will advise you of the appropriate booth to attend, and find a way to get your HTVs to you.

Pre-poll Booth in Melbourne

There is a single pre-poll booth in Melbourne. It is at the Victorian Electoral Commission, Level 11, 530 Collins Street (access via the tower lifts) Melbourne VIC 3000. 

It is open from Monday 16th to Friday the 27th of March. Please let us know if you can spend some time at this booth, please inform us at [email protected] and we will get you on our roster. As of today, we still don't have our 'How to Vote' cards (HTVs) printed and available, but we expect that to be rectified soon.

Next regular member's meeting - Thursday 26th March

Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, 26 March at 6:30pm, Ross House at 247 Flinders Lane in the CBD

We hope to get another email out to everyone before then. The Thursday before (the 19th), the Working Group will meet along with the Regional Group Managers via Skype.

Remember also that some areas are holding regional group meetings every month as well, at a variety of times.

For the animals...