NSW Election - The Animals Win It!

Not only did we win concessions from the major parties leading in to the NSW election, but after the 'button was pushed' today to see the final voter preferences counted and distributed, we won a seat in the Legislative Council (upper house), electing Mark Pearson.

The Hon. Mark Pearson, MLC will now represent animals in the NSW upper house for the next eight years. This gives the AJP a much higher platform to deliver our message of compassion and justice for animals, and is, we hope, just the start of our electoral success.

Thank you to everyone in the party and outside of it that has worked on getting this done. Fabulous work by the volunteers in NSW, and throughout Australia. Thanks to those that helped on campaigns leading into the NSW election, those who went up to help in person, those who raised money for the party and those who did all those other jobs that go into making this party successful. We are just starting to kick some serious arse.

Next regular member's meeting - Thursday 23rd April

Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, 23 April at 6:30pm, Ross House at 247 Flinders Lane in the CBD.

We will bring everyone up to date with what is happening now in NSW, as well as the rest of our organisation and campaigns. We hope to have another discussion about our national policy review (in more detail this time) and upcoming National Conference

I hope to issue a more comprehensive newsletter next week, but I wanted to get this out today so everyone was informed of the good news. 

For the animals...