Nina Lenk Animal Justice Party candidate Northcote by-election


Nina Lenk candidate for Northcote by-election

Nina is proud to be running as a candidate in the upcoming Northcote by-election and firmly believes in the Animal Justice Party’s core beliefs of kindness, non-violence, equality and rationality.  She has been vegetarian or vegan for four years and loves to talk to people about living cruelty free lifestyles to show how empowering it can be both personally and as a way to live more at peace with non-human animals and the environment around us.

Nina also believes one of the most powerful ways to protect animals from exploitation and abuse is through changing legislation. She has been involved with the Animal Justice Party for five years, starting off as a volunteer and then progressing to manage the Northern Metro Regional Group. Nina feels the next natural progression for her is to stand as a candidate and feels privileged to be the voice for animals in the Northcote by-election.

Growing up in Melbourne, Nina has lived north side for 8 years with the last 3 of those years living in Thornbury with her much loved rescue dog Pagan. She loves the diversity and vibrancy of the area and the real sense of community you feel with residents taking the time to get to know each other and look out for each other. 

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