Glynn Jarrett Upper House Lead Candidate Northern Region


Glynn has spent the last 20 years working in local government, supporting groups and individuals to make a difference, by empowering them to create stronger and more connected communities.  Glynn has always worked from a platform based on social justice and now puts his hand up to represent a cause that is very close to his own heart, justice for those who silently suffer unbearable cruelty every single day, the animals.   

Joining the Animal Justice Party has given Glynn a way to focus his belief that to see justice in the world and a better life for us all, then we have to get very serious about the struggle for justice for the most vulnerable.  If we cannot find justice for animals in our hearts, what hope do we have to find justice elsewhere.

Glynn is the Northern Region’s Regional Group leader for the Animal Justice Party and if elected to the Upper House he will use his seat to create awareness around how animals are sentient beings and should be respected and loved.  To this end, Glynn will work towards ending duck shooting, phasing out the use 1080 poison and banning greyhound and horse jumps racing. 

You can contact Glynn by emailing him at



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  • Zerin Knight
    commented 2018-09-22 09:57:41 +1000
    Congratulations, Glynn. We’re with you all the say to the Senate!