One Greyhound Is Killed Every Two Days As A Result Of Racing Injuries

Media Release
Tuesday 16 February 2016

Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) has released its first Greyhound Racing Injury Report, and the results are damning.
One dog dies every two days at a NSW racetrack, whether from fatal injuries or euthanasia at the track.
The majority of injuries resulting in fatalities were broken legs sustained on the track while racing, although skull fractures were also recorded as a cause of death.
As many as 543 dogs were injured at the track from 15 Nov 2015 – 1 Feb 2016; 39 of these died on the track or were euthanized immediately, while 79 had major injuries which could lead to them being put down later off the track.
Another 2 dogs died in racing trial sessions, which are not attended by a veterinarian.
“A week after 2,700 Australians rallied for a ban on greyhound racing, the industry has provided further evidence for a need to shut down the ‘sport’,” said Dr. Eleonora Gullone, founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds and Animal Justice Party campaign manager - Greyhound Racing.
“At the Special Commission of Inquiry into greyhound racing in NSW last November, we heard from a former industry vet that every greyhound only has ‘a certain number of circle runs’ in it before their body ‘will fatigue and fail’.
“This injury report from GRNSW is confirms that greyhound racing is innately cruel. Dogs who are subjected to racing will eventually break down – if they are lucky, their injuries are merely career-ending. If they are not so lucky, it is fatal.”
"Greyhound racing is based on animal cruelty. There is no way to make it more humane. This has been further confirmed by the regulatory bodies in NSW and QLD admitting that they were unable to hand down severe punishments to trainers who were caught live baiting in last year’s Four Corners expose even though criminal acts of severe animal cruelty were comitted."
Racing Queensland’s life bans on nine trainers convicted of live baiting have been overturned following appeals and GRNSW has withdrawn inquiries into eight live baiters.



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