Only the power of the vote will end live export speech

Saturday 25 June 2016

Written by Victorian Lead Senate Candidate Bruce Poon and Candidate for Higgins Dr Eleonora Gullone

The horror of live export was first revealed to Australians in 2011 on the ABC Four Corners investigation into the treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesian slaughterhouses. It united a nation like never before in opposition to the cruelty that is the live export industry.

Who can forget Tommy, the steer, waiting in line as his friends were killed and butchered in front of him, knowing that he was next. How would you feel?

But, despite the opposition, the live trade continues.

– Most recently, in the past couple of weeks we have seen more evidence of the sledge-hammering of Australian cattle in Vietnam.

But still the live trade continues

– And then there was the publication of the leaked industry email revealing that the industry is doing all it can to enable breaches in animal welfare legislation and to cover them up. And still worse, the email revealed the industry considers worrying about animal welfare to be a nuisance. It interferes with company profits.

But still the live trade continues

– Most recently, it was revealed that a government employed vet was sacked for doing her job. Because her report exposed horrific cruelty on export vessels, to protect the industry, the government sacked its own employee. This is corruption!

And the live trade not only continues, it is being propped up with your money!

Instead of shutting it down, after these horrifying revelations, this week Barnaby Joyce announced an $8.3M grant to prop up the industry and secure its markets in Vietnam. That is your money, your taxes at work. And it is not the first, or biggest subsidy offered to the industry

But still the live trade continues

There is no economic benefit provided by this industry. It destroys the land. It fouls the water. It pollutes the atmosphere. If the industry had to pay for the damage to the planet that live export and animal agriculture causes, it would go immediately into receivership.

The trade represents only 0.6% of Australia’s export market, and most of the costs are borne by you and me.

What more needs to happen before this vile trade is shut down?

What are we, the Animal Justice Party, doing about it?

The Animal Justice Party’s opposition to live export is absolute. You will see us at every event, every rally, every protest where Live Export is being discussed.

We don’t only protest though. We also work hard to find pragmatic solutions to end animal cruelty.

We are calling for governments to transition away from environmentally harmful and unsustainable animal agriculture and toward plant-based food production. This is a winning situation for all – for the animals, for human health and unquestionably for environmental health.

Plant Based foods are the greatest new innovation attracting billions of investment dollars.

Recently Google declared them as being at the top of the list of ‘technologies’ that will transform the world.

Working with the Australian Labor Party over recent months, we have secured from them a commitment of $10M over four years, for further research into plant-based farming practices.

In addition to being sustainable, such a direction is good for local investment and jobs.

In addition to that, Labor has announced that it will:

Establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare

Establish an independent Inspector-General of Animal Welfare

Renew the Australian animal welfare strategy

Review the exporter supply chain assurance system; and

Provide more transparency and accountability

Although not a ban on Live Export, these are steps in the right direction.

What can you do to help end this vile trade?

When you consider your vote on July 2nd, consider that a vote for most political parties means a continuation of policies and laws that promote animal cruelty.

We need to vote these cruel parties out of office.

A vote for the Animal Justice Party sends the crystal clear message to the major parties that you have voted for the better treatment of animals.

Vote 1 AJP, Vote 2 Green, who, as you know, firmly oppose Live Export and can win this seat.

Put liberal last, and send Kelly O’Dwyer a message she understands.

Vote Kelly O’Dwyer out in Higgins.

Send a message from Tommy.

On July 2nd, Vote 1 AJP