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Our Policies & Positions

Our Vision

The Animal Justice Party has a long term vision for a kinder Australia but recognises that change will proceed in stages. Many of our policies recognise this and don’t simply describe our vision of the future, but the steps required to get there.

Policies and Positions: What's the difference?

AJP recognises that members must be able to trust that the party will stay focused on animals; because no-one else is. Hence our policies will keep that focus. They will determine the issues which dominate the effort of our elected representatives. But we will also have positions.

We recognise that the voting public need to know how AJP representatives will vote on important non-animal issues. A position will provide that information.

A position will be a brief statement giving direction to our representatives on an issue. Our position on an issue must follow clearly from our core values: rationality, non-violence, kindness and equality. On some issues, there may be no single obvious position flowing from our core values, in which case our representative will exercise a conscience vote. There will also generally be a myriad of details on an issue that a position won't cover. Our representatives will need to consider the spirit of the position and act accordingly.

Our policies are broken down into three key areas:

We currently have positions on: