Kindness, Equality, Rationality & Non-Violence

Our Values

The following values are timeless principles that underpin the character of the Animal Justice Party in Victoria. In negotiating outcomes on a range of issues, our elected representatives are guided by these principles at all times.



Many animals show kindness and compassion to others, giving consideration to their welfare and acting with an understanding of their problems, even sometimes sacrificing their own interests for the greater good of others. Kindness is being able to see the world through another’s eyes, having concern for their troubles and providing help, as you are able. It is fundamental to the bringing of justice to animals and people.

We maintain empathy for all beings that can experience the world, and will work towards minimising the suffering and pain of all. We will fight for animals, and also for rescuers, carers and helpers, and the powerless in society.



Some advanced and intelligent animals have developed the ability to reason through problems, and take the best course of action. More than any other animal species, we are particularly adept at using our brains to carefully weigh up evidence and logic.

As the best representatives of animals we can be, we will use our brains and our party processes to develop sustainable and evidence based policy, sensibly reforming society to make a better life for all.



The practice of being harmless to yourself and others under all conditions, springing from the belief that outcomes are possible without hurting people, animals or the environment. We will work towards improved wellbeing for all while avoiding violence to any.

We recognise the need for defence, without the need for aggressive wars of intervention and control over resources.



Animals have vastly different abilities and are diverse in their forms. They all have interests and can live and work together in harmony. The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?" In their suffering, many animals are our equals. AJP is the party of non-speciesism, giving all individuals their due consideration. Moreover, the feelings of all humans must be considered in decision-making, regardless of worldview, gender or sexual preference, economic view, occupation, location, age, wealth or abilities. The best society is the one that is designed to be fair to all.

We will work for equal consideration for all animals and people, with due regard to their respective interests and capabilities. We will fight for a society that celebrates and accepts diversity.