Plebiscite on Marriage Equality should include Live Export says Animal Justice Party

Media Release
Thursday 30 June 2016

NSW and Victorian Lead Senate Candidates, Lynda Stoner and Bruce Poon, released a joint statement today:

The Animal Justice Party does not support the expense of $160M for a non-binding plebiscite to discover what we already know, most Australians support marriage equality. Price Waterhouse Coopers have gone further, estimating the total cost to the economy of $525M.

As are both strong supporters of marriage equality, we welcome forward progress on this issue, but we hate to see government waste.

Since the Liberal party is determined to step boldly into this radical experiment in direct democracy, perhaps we could use it to deliver some real value? Why not vote on other contentious topics where the government and the people seem dramatically out of step?

Poll after poll shows extreme distrust of the government's ability to manage the live export of animals, and overall opposition to its continuation. Let us add this question to the plebiscite, and, with minimal extra effort, Australians can vote on this question at the same time. 

'What should happen with the live export of animals from Australia for food?" A. Continue the practice B. Ban Live Export'

This would lead to definitive guidance for the parliament on this contentious issue, which, as a matter of incredible suffering and death, must surely be a subject that weighs on the conscience of all parliamentarians.

We would be happy as parliamentarians to be bound by the result of such a plebiscite.


Contacts for comment:
AJP Victorian Lead Senate Candidate Bruce Poon: phone 0400 248 226
AJP New South Wales Lead Senate Candidate Lynda Stoner: 0433 950 564