Political Leadership Failure

Media Release
Friday 17 June 2016

Professor in psychology and Animal Justice Party candidate for the seat of Higgins, Eleonora Gullone has expressed serious concern that leaders of both Labor and the Coalition are refusing to end the cruelty that is the Live Export industry.
“Yesterday evening’s footage of horrendous cruelty aired by the ABC’s 7.30 program, was not the first time our nation watched the horrendous result of failed political decisions.”
“As a researcher of the link between animal cruelty and human violence for more than 20 years, I find the refusal to ban live export alarming.”
“It is bad enough when a nation’s leaders ignore evidence of repeated extreme failure of any industry and keep it going. When, however, those failures involve the inexplicable suffering of sentient beings, their refusal to act represents the worst kind of political leadership.”
“We know that the majority of Australians want to see the end of this cruelty. Economic benefits of live export are inflated, since it constitutes a mere 3.7% of agriculture exports and contributes just 0.6% to Australia’s total exports.”
“When the leaders of our major political parties endorse the continuation of an industry that is based on cruelty, what message are they are sending the people of Australia?”
“The evidence is clear that the way we treat non-human animals strongly predicts the way we treat fellow humans. When cruelty to animals is politically supported, what is the message that these leaders are giving the people of Australia?”
“If we really want to put an end to family violence, race and hate crimes, an easy way to start is to stop the violence right in front of us, start exercising our ‘compassion muscles’ and put an end to this egregious animal cruelty.”
“At this election, there is little doubt that a sizeable proportion of the population will vote against the cruel policies of the major parties who ignore the pleas of decent Australians at their peril.”


Contacts for comment:
AJP Candidate for Higgins Dr Eleonora Gullone; phone: 0419 873 500; [email protected]
AJP Western Australian Senate Candidate Katrina Love; phone: 0401674588; Email: [email protected]
AJP Victorian Senate Candidate Bruce Poon: phone 0400 248 226; Email: [email protected]