Post Conference News


National Conference - A great celebration of our success

It was fantastic to have a day to come together nationally, celebrate our achievements, cogitate about our shortcomings and discuss the way forward. Thanks in particular to the organisers, Fiona Mcrostie and Justine Curatolo. 

A fuller report will follow in the next newsletter.

Victorian Committee Election

The Election for the Victorian Committee was completed at midnight last night, with the following results:

Congratulations to all of the new members of the committee, and the old members rejoining.

As Convenor, working with the old committee of Corey, Latifa, Magda and Rosie was a highlight. They worked together wonderfully, and achieved so much together. The new committee will have some new ideas, but if we can work nearly as well together, we can take the party to the next level. The new committee will swing straight into work, with our first meeting this week.

Thanks to all those that voted, and all those that stood for election. Don't be disappointed if you didn't win the role you were after this time. There are plenty of roles within the party that we need help with, and we need all your talents.

Upcoming stalls

We are always looking for new volunteers to help with AJP stalls at community markets and events.

If you can help, please contact our stalls coordinator, Chris DeJonge on [email protected]


Next regular member's meeting - Thursday 23rd July

Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, 23 July at 6:30pm, Ross House at 247 Flinders Lane in the CBD.

A report on the National Conference and Management workshop, the committee elections, our current campaigns and upcoming rallies, and planning for the next few months.


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