Rebbecca Primmer candidate for Niddrie


Rebbecca’s background is in the Veterinary Industry, dedicating 16 of her 20 years to animal welfare nursing. Rebbecca is a driven, passionate person who describes herself as an ordinary person trying to make and extraordinary difference for all animals.

While working as a Vet Nurse Rebbecca found she was becoming frustrated at not being able to make the changes that she knew were needed in order for real change to be achieved for all animals (and not just the ones in her nursing care). Rebbecca wanted to educate people about animal an environmental health, amend current laws in place governing animals, improve on local water ways and park lands and endeavour to create a community that wants to be kind to all and make real changes for the better. This lead Rebbecca to the Animal Justice Party as a candidate for Niddrie. Help Rebbecca achieve her goals as a vote for her is a vote for the animals.

You can contact Rebbecca by emailing her at


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