Anna Hills candidate for the seat of Ripon


Anna Hills is 20 years old and has lived in Ballarat since 2001. She became involved in the animal rights movement through the Animal Justice Party and the Ballarat Animal Advocates Association. She is passionate about standing up for change, speaking out against injustice and have been involved in the organising of local rallies and events.

Anna is standing as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the seat of Ripon to be a voice for those whose own voices have been ignored.  She wants to live in a society where compassion, kindness and equality are not restricted by species. She plans to create awareness of animal rights, physical and mental health and our environment.

With this insight she believes we can live happily and healthily without causing harm to other living beings and the planet we inhabit. Anna will campaign for compassion and equality with truth and represent the Animal justice Party with integrity.

You can contact Anna by emailing her at

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