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Rosemary Lavin is the candidate for Aston

Rosemary has represented the Animal Justice Party in every election since its inception.  She believes the best way to protect animals from exploitation, degradation and abuse is through legislation.  She is currently the Victorian Treasurer and has worked on the campaigns to ban jumps racing and to protect Grey Headed Flying foxes. Since arriving in Australia in 2007 she has become aware of the need to protect our beautiful wildlife and has been involved with wildlife rescue as well as volunteering at a wildlife shelter.

She has been vegetarian or vegan for 45 years and would like to see a plant based diet promoted not only because it is cruelty free but also because it is healthier both for humans and for the planet.  She is frustrated that the link between animal agriculture and climate change are not getting the publicity and debate that it should.

Rosemary lives in Ferntree Gully with her mother, son and 3 rescued companions – two of whom were rescued from puppy farms.  Rosemary works in the Health, Safety and Environment department of an energy company and has degrees in Music, Psychology and Anthropology.

She has previously stood for the party in the Lower House seats of Batman (2013 Federal election) and the Eastern Metropolitan Region (2014 State election) while this year she is a candidate for the seat of Aston in the 2016 Federal election. 

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