Rob Smyth

Rob Smyth is the candidate for Melbourne Ports

Since childhood, Robert has had a passion for animals, their welfare and their right to a safe and peaceful life. He became a vegetarian at thirteen, and became vegan at forty-five after discovering the truth about the horror that animals used for non-meat products are subjected to.

Over the years he has rescued many cats and dogs, donated to PETA, WSPA, Animals Australia and other animal welfare orginasations, as well as volunteering his time to many of these causes. More recently, he become interested in the Animal Justice Party (AJP), standing in the last Victorian state election and achieving a vote of 3.44% in the Liberal held seat of Bayswater, the Party's best ever primary result in a lower house seat. Robert's intention is to pursue his interest with the AJP to make a real and positive difference to the lives of all animals (including humans) living in Australia and beyond. 

In terms of Robert's professional career, in the decade after graduating high school in 1985, he tried his hand at a number of different things, including a couple of false starts, studying architectural drafting and a brief traineeship in graphic design, both of which are still of interest, but neither provided what he was looking for. He went on to try his hand as a barman, a gym instructor, a salesperson, lifeguard, personal trainer and even had a stint as the personal assistant to a well known Australian celebrity.  

In 1996 Robert decided to go into business for himself starting his first IT Company. It was during this time that he realised his potential as an entrepreneur, quickly starting a second venture capital backed company, which he grew to be one of the largest privately held ISP’s in the country. In 2002 Robert founded his third IT business, an Internet security firm, which he recently sold to a larger, ASX listed company, where he is currently an executive and remains a major shareholder.


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  • Lea Stevens
    commented 2016-07-01 18:19:11 +1000
    Unnatural Marriage Equality, LNP Preference Deals …
    Well I am really shocked and will be taking this up as an issue after the election !!
    What has the LNP ever done for Animal Rights, Animal Rescue or anything else except continue with their tacit approval of the violent and cruel deaths that are hidden, but rampant in the Live Export Trade !!
  • Lea Stevens
    commented 2016-06-10 11:51:30 +1000
    Who is Rob Smyth and what is his background ??