September News

A new PM, but the same bad policies?

In another big week in politics, our Prime Minister has changed again. All very well, but if the government is still committed to expanding Live Export, increasing Factory farming and expanded wildlife slaughter, I don't see any advantages for animals.

We need to see if the change in leadership paves the way for re-thinking some of the big issues. Respect for animals can only do wonders for Australia, whether it be our health, the economy or improvement in the lives of animals. Let us re-double our efforts to put pressure on the major political parties to change their attitude to animal issues.

The polls now say the election is 'tight'. Good. The more they both need our votes in order to take or hold government.


Canning by-election

We recently ran a candidate in the Canning by-election, which saw Liberal Andrew Hastie hold the seat for the government.

We received about 1.4% of the vote. This is a good effort for our first try in that partly rural electorate, and the swing towards us was second only to the swing towards the Labor party. We received less votes overall than the Australian Christians and Palmer United parties....still some work to go. 

In Victoria we are working towards standing in some upcoming state by-elections in Western Victoria.

Saving Face (our campaign to end cruel cosmetics)

Liberal MP Jason Wood has recently given a speech asking for the parliament to support a phase out of animal testing of cosmetics. His video can be seen here.

This motion will lead (we hope) to the introduction of a bill to change the law. If this passes both houses of parliament (and we are confident it will), Australia will no longer be responsible for cruelty on behalf of cosmetics. 


This month, we had a fun night raising money for AJP with a Zumbathon at Deakin Uni. Thanks to everyone who attended. Our instructor, Bianca, was fantastic and put us through our paces! Combined with great cocktails and vegan snacks, it was a recipe for a great night. A special thanks to Nyree Walshe for putting together such an enjoyable evening.

Would you like to be notified of future AJP events? You can subscribe to event notifications via the AJP Vic Facebook page. Go to and click on “subscribe”.

Do you have a great fundraising idea, or perhaps you’d like to volunteer at future events? Please feel free to call our Fundraising Manager, Ness Browne, on 0425 809958 to discuss.

October is set to be a busy month! We have a Feast for the Animals @ Ceres on 1st October, and tickets are available here. We also have the first of our screenings for AJP Cinema @ Longplay on 7th October, and tickets are available here. Lastly, stay tuned for a fundraising dinner at Global Vegetarian later in the month.

New stock of t-shirts and hoodies has landed

There has been a backlog of demand from members to get hold of AJP t-shirts and hoodies. We also have stock coming in of doggie bandanas and AJP branded mugs. While our new online store is still not quite open, let us know if you need something at one of our meetings, stalls or at [email protected]

Volunteers required

We are always after more volunteers to get involved in running one aspect of the party or another. Right now we have a need for help with the following tasks:

- Marketing: Various promotions and campaigns we would run, if we had somebody to run them.
- IT professionals: We are developing and integrating new websites and membership management systems.
- Campaign Managers: Anybody who wants to get involved in our political campaigns to help animals.
- Election Campaign staff: The Federal election approaches. We need to organise for it.
- Graphic Artists: Always in demand!
- Video Production: To produce, direct, film and edit our monthly vlogs and special projects
- Writers: To help with media releases on our various campaigns
- Candidates! We have not yet filled all 37 federal electorates for the next election. Why are you not running for the animals?

If you can help, please contact us on [email protected]

- We are always looking for new volunteers to help with AJP stalls at community markets and events. At this stage, we are looking for volunteers for a stall at the Whitehorse Spring Festival

Where: Whitehorse Civic Centre, Nunawading
Date: Sunday the 18th of October
Time: 8:00am-4:00pm

If you can help, please contact our stalls coordinator, Chris DeJonge on [email protected]

If you do end up volunteering for a stall, wear your AJP T-shirt if makes us look super-professional :-)

Next regular member's meeting - Thursday 24th September

Our next monthly meeting is this Thursday, 24 September at 6:30pm, Ross House at 247 Flinders Lane in the CBD.

There will be a report and discussion of current campaigns, the recent by-election in Canning, upcoming elections and everything else going on in the party over the next few months. We will also want to talk to everyone about planning for the upcoming Federal election. 

Also, a reminder that each of eight Regional Groups hold monthly meetings, one in your area! If you want to know where and when, check out the Victorian website ( or contact us on [email protected]

For the animals...