Snezana Redford candidate for Sandringham


Snezana was born and raised in inner Melbourne and has resided in the Bayside area for the last five years with her husband, children and mother. She has recently gone back to University as a mature age student to study psychology.

Her love for animals and their protection has led her to the Animal Justice Party who reflect her belief in equality, kindness, rationality and non-violence for both humans and animals. She has been vegan for just over a year and is very passionate about creating a world where we can all live in harmony without harming each other and other species. 

Snezana has three cats who she adores, and couldn’t imagine a life without animals in her home. If elected she will work diligently to develop policies promoting animal welfare, while also being committed to local issues of protecting wildlife habitats and preserving our pristine bay and marine life.  As a strong proponent of climate change and its detrimental effects on the environment, she will advocate for policies that align with conservation of our natural ecosystems.

You can contact Snezana by emailing her at



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