Support For Jason Wood In La Trobe

Media Release
Tuesday 7 June 2016

On Friday Liberal MP Jason Wood and Assistant Health Minister Ken Wyatt announced the Liberal Party's intention to ban animal-tested cosmetics in Australia.

Bruce Poon, lead Senate candidate for Victoria says:

"The Animal Justice Party welcomes this initiative from Jason Wood. We have worked with him for a long period of time to achieve this ban and we are pleased that he has taken it so seriously and worked so hard with his colleagues to win this commitment from his party.

Jason is already well-known on the international scene for his work on the world-first ban of the import of hunting trophies from cruel canned hunts in Africa. He is once more putting Australia in the forefront of animal welfare by sponsoring this ban on animal testing for cosmetics. 

This announcement means that The Coalition are joining Labor and The Greens in their commitment to bringing urgent legislation to stop animal testing on cosmetics in the next parliament. To get this important legislation over the line it needed the support of The Coalition.

The Animal Justice Party, a political party for animals is already helping to save lives even though we only hold a single seat in parliament. A strong primary vote at the upcoming federal election will result directly in many more lives saved.

The Animal Justice Party will be supporting the re-election of Jason Wood in the seat of La Trobe, and will preference him over his rivals. Any politician that supports decent treatment of animals, regardless of party, deserves our support."

This ban has been modeled on the European Ban of 2013 which banned the manufacture, sales and import of animal-tested cosmetics in the 27 countries of Europe. European cosmetics companies now use alternative methods of testing and can access the extensive register of previously tested safe ingredients.

There is currently no animal testing for cosmetics in Australia but overseas thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are subjected to cruel and unnecessary laboratory tests to check the safety of cosmetic ingredients imported into Australia. The proposed ban will mean that animal testing for cosmetics will NEVER be allowed in Australia and that cosmetic ingredients tested on animals overseas cannot be imported and sold here.

There is widespread support for this ban from Animal Welfare groups, including Animals Australia, Animal Liberation NSW, Choose Cruelty Free, Humane Research Australia, Humane Society International, PETA Australia and the RSPCA.

Polls show that 81% of Australians support a ban on cruel cosmetics (Nexus Opinion Poll 2013). For consumers one of the top three considerations in choosing a cosmetic is that it is cruelty-free, that is, not tested on animals (Roy Morgan Poll 2014).



For more information and interviews please contact: 
Bruce Poon, Victorian Convenor and lead Senate candidate - 0400 248 226