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Active Campaigns to Support

Please support our live campaigns below by signing a petition, sending a letter directly to the Government or to your elected representatives, or by learning what actions you can do to help! 

Stop Exploiting Kangaroos

Victorian kangaroos face endless survival challenges due to habitat loss, climate change and road accidents. The Andrews Labor Government recently increased its annual commercial kill quota by a third. It brings the staggering allowance to almost 130 thousand kangaroos slaughtered per year in Victoria.

Register your opposition to the horrific treatment of our incredible native icon. Sign and share this petition today.

Scrap the Cruel ATCW Permit System

The Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW) permit system is broken. Our native animals are being indiscriminately killed through an outdated and unscientific permit system. Many thousands more kangaroos, wallabies, parrots and other native animals were massacred under this tick-and-flick licensing system.

Sign to call on the Minister for Environment to ensure a critical and detailed review of the Authority to Control Wildlife program.

End Live Export

Each year approximately 2.5 million animals including cows, sheep, goats, buffalo and alpacas face the horrors of Australian live export by sea and air. Our weak laws have failed these suffering animals long enough.

Australian Governments have turned a blind eye to the suffering of these animals, even despite shocking exposés and calls by millions to ban this cruelty. But now that New Zealand and the UK are moving to ban live animal export, the pressure is on for Australia to do the same, or risk becoming a global embarrassment.

Tell Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce & Agricultural Minister David Littleproud that Australian's want to ban live animal exports.

End The Fox & Wild Dog Bounty

The Fox and Wild Dog Bounty Program has cost tax-payers $17 million dollars despite no proven conservational value. There's no denying the damage to wildlife and the environment from these predator species, but effective humane alternatives exist, and they must be explored.

Join our calls for a kinder alternative. If you agree, please take action by signing our petition.

End Brumby Shooting

The current killing campaigns against brumbies impose horrific suffering by implementing shooting by helicopter or shooting and poisoning on land. We believe the Victorian Government has a responsibility to protect and enrich our environment without the use of violence.

Brumbies deserve better than a bullet. If you agree, take action by signing our petition.

Victoria: End Jumps Racing 

In a landmark decision, Racing South Australia has announced an end to jumps racing. It leaves behind Victoria as the only state to still permit this cruel event. It's time to call on Racing Victoria and the Victorian government to end jumps racing, once and for all.

Use our template to email Giles Thompson, (Racing Victoria CEO) and Martin Pakula (Victorian Racing Minister) today.

Kangaroo Killing Kills Tourism

Send an email to the Loddon Tourism Team below encouraging them to give feedback to the Loddon Shire Council about the negative impact a kangaroo abattoir will have on tourism.

Thousands of kangaroos are relying on us!

It's Time to #ditchthewhip

Extensive research has revealed no evidence that whips improve performance times in horse racing or that they make racing safer or fairer for jockeys. Whip rules are difficult to mandate and fines are meaningless compared to the prize money awarded to jockeys.

The racing industry has an exemption to current cruelty laws and it's time to change that once and for all.

Ban Rabbit Meat Farming

Rabbit farming is a small industry causing immense suffering. Rabbits are among the most popular pets in Australia yet thousands of these same species are kept in appalling conditions every day as animals raised for meat.

Help end the legal torture of rabbits in Victoria

Melbourne City: Love Animals, Ban Fur!

Despite an ongoing commitment from the Victorian Government to address this issue, examples of items that have previously been tested, as well as new mislabelled items, continue to be sold at markets and retail stores across Victoria. The only way to regulate the sale of 'faux' fur is to ban genuine animal fur altogether.

Email the City of Melbourne councillors today to regulate the sale of 'faux' fur is to ban genuine animal fur altogether!

Ban Duck Shooting - Email Your MP!

Shooting ducks is morally unacceptable to the majority of Victorians and studies show time and time again that native duck numbers are consistently declining as a direct result of the climate emergency and drought. Duck shooting has already been banned by Labor Governments in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. It's time for Victoria to do the same.

Do your state members of parliament support our precious native waterbirds, or do they think they should be blasted out of the sky for a thrill kill? 

Enter your address below to find out and to email them if they don't!

Kangaroo Action

On Wed 10th Feb '21, we hosted an urgent webinar to highlight the issue and the efforts being taken to stop the killing. We also listed actions that you can do to help as:

  • Regional Victorians who may be confronted by shooting in their vicinity
  • Concerned voters who want to take political actions 
  • Community members wanting to undertake direct local action