• Horse-Drawn Vehicles Must Go!

  • Take Urgent Action for Kangaroos

Active Campaigns to Support

Please support our live campaigns below by signing a petition, sending a letter directly to the Government or to your elected representatives, or learn what actions you can do to help! 

Melbourne City: Love Animals, Ban Fur!

Email the City of Melbourne councillors today to regulate the sale of 'faux' fur is to ban genuine animal fur altogether.

Horse-Drawn Vehicles Must Go!

Send a letter to the decision-makers that allow horse-drawn vehicles to remain on our city streets. 

Stop Killing Kangaroos - Email Your MP

 Stop Victorian Government's plan to shoot thousands of kangaroos for human consumption

Save the Kinley Kangaroos - Email the developers

This is a landmark case that will likely impact the outcome for other landlocked mobs.

Ban Duck Shooting - Email Your MP

It's time: Ban recreational duck shooting in Victoria!

Kangaroo Action

On Wed 10th Feb '21, we hosted an urgent webinar to highlight the issue and the efforts being taken to stop the killing. We also listed actions that you can do to help as:

  • Regional Victorians who may be confronted by shooting in their vicinity
  • Concerned voters who want to take political actions 
  • Community members wanting to undertake direct local action