Tamasin Ramsay candidate for Albert Park


Dr Tamasin Ramsay is a former Melbourne paramedic and a medical anthropologist (PhD). She was born in Melbourne to two actors (and had a brief career of her own), but spent much of her early childhood living on a big country property outside of Bega, NSW. It was here that Tamasin experienced the inherent value of nature and other lifeforms. She was brought up in South Melbourne from the age of 7, has lived and worked in St Kilda and Albert Park since then, and now lives in Port Melbourne.

Tamasin became concerned about the rights and interests of other species when she was NGO Representative to the United Nations (UN) in New York for the Brahma Kumaris (2010-2014). As an active participant in the UN COP (climate change) conferences and representing an NGO with the highest consultative status, Tamasin noticed that many core issues were marginalised. One glaring issue was the industries that hurt and kill animals for human preferences, primarily food. The harms caused by animal industries are visited far and wide; upon forests, land and oceans, upon the poor and hungry, upon the people who work in those industries, and upon human health.

The Animal Justice Party is the first political party to be driven by the values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence which align very much with Tamasin’s personal values. On the basis of these, Tamasin will campaign in the following areas: to establish in Independent Office of Animal Welfare, to encourage wetland tourism while ceasing the  recreational killing of others (duck shooting), to stop sending others overseas to be killed (Live Export), to protect habitat in urban areas that affects humans and other species we co-exist with, and to prioritise human health above industry profit through the AJP health campaign regarding processed meat.

Tamasin is excited and honoured at the chance to bring some positive change, which will benefit everyone of all political and apolitical persuasions who reside in the Albert Park area and beyond.

You can contact Tamasin by emailing her at tamasin.ramsay.ajp@gmail.com





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