Alison Baker


Alison Baker is the second senate candidate for Tasmania

Alison's best friends when she was growing up were her dogs and cat and when they were hurt or passed away she found this devastating! She always valued their feelings and their lives as much as any other family member or friend. Alison thinks all living creatures have the right to a happy, full life. She always had a strong opinion on animal welfare and had an underlying guilt about consuming meat. Alison made the permanent change to a vegan lifestyle around twelve months ago and is finally at peace with the choices she makes. Her husband supported her and made the change soon after she did.

Although her personal reason for becoming a vegan is for animal ethics, Alison owns and runs a gym in Launceston and sees the great health benefits of cutting out animal products, so she encourages and provides support to others interested in making the change.

Her professional experience includes business management, accounting and administration. Alison has a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Human Resource Management and Business Management.


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