The AJP Calls On The NSW Government To Protect Puppy Farm Dogs

Media Release
Tuesday 15 December 2015

The Animal Justice Party calls on the NSW government to act urgently to protect former puppy farm dogs.
NSW AJP senator Mark Pearson has called for the Baird government to urgently turn its attention to closing an existing loophole in current legislation.
Following the shutdown of the cruel Inverell puppy farm, an estimated 300 dogs remain at the mercy of the puppy farm owner.
According to Pearson “This situation requires urgent attention.”
“Unlike the legislation in Victoria, where dogs can be seized by the RSPCA and put up for adoption, in NSW, the dogs remain “the property” of the disgraced puppy farm’s owner.”
“Given the animal cruelty committed by the puppy farm owner, the dogs remain at extreme risk.”
“The risk is that they could be killed or that they could be transferred to other intensive breeding farms.”
“While we wait for legislative measures to be put into place, we urge that protective measures be enacted to ensure the dogs’ safety.”



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