The Animal Justice Party: Naïve or Necessary?

Media Release
Friday 27 May 2016

During this 2016 federal election, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) has spread its wings. There are 53 candidates standing – contesting 12 senate and 41 lower house seats across Australia. But is the AJP’s message too hard to take?
One of the senate candidates in Victoria is Bruce Poon who acknowledges that “AJP policies mostly translate into inconvenient truths.”
“Take the recent dairy crisis as an example -
Of all animal agriculture industries in Australia, the dairy industry is the most costly to the environment. It is a thirsty industry requiring at least 500 litres of fresh water (estimates range up to 1,000 litres) to produce just one litre of milk.”
“Worse still, the heart of dairy country is in the areas of Australia already hit hardest by droughts and predicted by the Australian Climate Council to be hit harder in the years to come.”
“Farmers are suffering now, but given climate predictions, the worst is yet to come unless responsible decisions are made to assist dairy farmers to transition to more sustainable employment options.”
“Transitioning to plant-based milk production would be a more sustainable option.” Said Poon
“It wouldn’t be all bad for people who like their animal milk and cheese, since there is increasing indisputable evidence that dairy contributes to an increased risk of a string of diseases including prostate and ovarian cancers as well as autoimmune diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.”
“These are truths that are ignored by political parties more concerned about polls and popularity than good government.”
“The great pity is that it on the current Australian landscape, there is limited choice of parties who promise good government. “
“Some might call the Animal Justice Party naïve but in its short life, it has become clear that enough voters care about the truth to give the Animal Justice Party their vote and a necessary place on the Australian political landscape.”


Contacts for comment:
AJP Victorian Senate Candidate Bruce Poon: phone 0400 248 226; Email: [email protected]