The importance of Voting 1 AJP


As a minor party we will only receive your vote if you put us #1 and above the major parties on the ballot paper – which means putting the Animal Justice Party #1 in both the Upper House and Lower House.

On the Upper House ballot paper (the large ballot paper) you just need to put a #1 in the Animal Justice Party Group box above the line.

On the Lower House ballot paper (small ballot paper) place a #1 in the box next to the Animal Justice Party Candidate and then number the rest as recommended by us on the How to Vote card or as you choose.

We have a very high chance of winning a seat, particularly in the Upper House. However, if we do get knocked out of the race, your vote will then flow through to the major party you put #2 (the party you want to see run government). So putting us #1 on the ballot paper means both the Animal Justice Party and your preferred major party get your vote, making your vote count twice.

Voting #1 for the Animal Justice Party also increases our chance of reaching 4% of the primary vote in that seat – and as a political party if at least 4% of people put you at #1 in a seat you receive funding which is hugely beneficial in helping us run and grow the party.